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Spill Genie 3T Bioremediation Products

New, Easy, Simple, and Fast to use! Spill Genie's™ 3T bioremediation product may be used in many industrial situations where cleanup up of gas, oils, and petroleum products have spilled and are leaching into the waterways or land.

Firefighters and First Responders - While Spill Genie™ 3T is not used to put out fires, it does provide firefighters and first responders with a faster and easier method of cleaning up the equipment after being in hazardous conditions

Easy, Simple and Fast!- Spill Genie's™ 3T bioremediation technology is easy, simple, and fast to use once the chemical is identified, and the area has been prepared to receive the Spill Genie™ 3T product. Most, remediation products in the market today can take months to years to completely clean a site. Spill Genie™ 3T begins the consuming action within hours of application.

Spill Genie™ 3T is new to the bioremediation industry as Spill Genie™ 3T is not a typical remediation agent, but a hydrocarbon eating machine. Spill Genie™ 3T encases the hydrocarbon and uses it for food. Once Spill Genie's™ 3T little microbial friends are done processing the contaminant - Poof! The microbes die off.

Spill Genie's Breathing Apparatus
Cleaning System 

First responders can now clean their equipment fast than ever with the new Spill Genie Breathing Apparatus Cleaning System. Click the video to see a live view of the equipment being cleaned. To order a cleaning system for your organization, please contact us.