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Spill Genie 3T Bioremediation Products

First Responders


Spill Genie Decontamination Systems

Decontamination is a general term used to describe the removal of minuscule contamination to make an item safe, meaning that it no longer poses a risk to the environment or the first responders. The term often used to refer to equipment or the environment.

Decontamination can be a combination of processes, including dismantling, emptying, and cleaning of equipment. Cleanup is a very time-consuming process and must be done multiple times during a single day whenever a first responder leaves the contamination site.

With the use of Spill Genie's™ 3T new bioremediation technology, first responders may cut hours of time off the cleanup process. A simple application of Spill Genie's™ 3T new bioremediation technology on equipment and the Spill Genie™ 3T microbes immediately begin the operation of the removal of the oil contamination.

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Spill Genie's Breathing Apparatus
Cleaning System 

First responders can now clean their equipment fast than ever with the new Spill Genie Breathing Apparatus Cleaning System. Click the video to see a live view of the equipment being cleaned. To order a cleaning system for your organization, please Contact Us.

Spill Genie Decontamination Systems


Decontamination of clothing and special gear that is worn by first responders in-situ may require deep cleaning of equipment. Spill Genie's™ 3T new bioremediation product is sprayed on items and immediately goes into action to break down the oils and hydrocarbons.

Spill Genie Decontamination Systems

Oil Spills

Many types of equipment are deployed in an oil spill situation, and this equipment must be cleaned after every use. The Spill Genie™ 3T new bioremediation product degrades oil, fuel and petroleum hydrocarbons into an environmentally friendly by-product in less time than traditional methods.

Spill Genie Decontamination Systems

Oil Collection 

When the oil is collected, it is often a sticky, messy job. Spill Genie's™ 3T new bioremediation product is a multi-use, multi-surface product with bio-remedial microbes specially designed for hydrocarbon spills. Spill Genie™ 3T absorbs and degrades oil, fuel, and petroleum hydrocarbons into an environmental by-product.