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Professional Sanitation  Solutions

For Grocery, C-Store, QSR, and Retail Foodservice Operations. Spill Genie has a line of sanitation solutions that goes BEYOND CLEAN …for organizations that buy it, sanitation professionals that use it, and customers and guests that enjoy the many benefits of cleaner, healthier environments.

Spill Genie’s comprehensive sanitation solutions program for the retail food and grocery stores is designed to address the distinctive challenges of this market, offering expert results to keep grocery stores, big box stores, convenience stores, and warehouse clubs clean, and healthy for guests and employees. We offer a focused professional program to meet the evolving needs of retail food service today, with customized product and service solutions that address:

Cleaning and sanitation
Food Care
Floor care
Pest control
Health code compliance
Operational efficiency and cost control
Brand and reputation management

Spill Genie's™ commercial cleaning solutions offer your janitorial and housekeeping personnel cost-effective solutions to keep your workplace clean, polished, and germ-free. Our commercial and industrial cleaning products are specifically designed for janitorial services, hotels, foodservice, healthcare, institutional, and manufacturing facilities.

Spill Genie's enzyme cleaning products clean better than caustics, solvent-based cleaners, or other products with harsh chemicals. Our enzyme cleaning products also help remove stains and provide odor control protection.

Spill Genie's restaurant cleaning products ensure the health of your workplace beyond providing you pass inspection. Our foodservice cleaning and janitorial products are cost- effective detergents, glass and surface disinfectants, oven cleaners, counter and floor surface cleaners, and more.