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Laundry Cleaner

Brighter colors. Whiter whites. Softer towels and sheets.

Spill Genie's  laundry products give brighter colors, whiter whites, softer towels and sheets, and cleaner uniforms. Whatever your laundry product need is, Spill Genie has a cleaning solution for your commercial or industrial laundry needs.

Spill Genie​ helps with high-performance laundry solutions and efficient laundry cleaning systems – all designed to impress employees and guests while brightening your bottom line.

High performance laundry liquid, powder &  solid  detergents for commercial and industrial laundry applications. Spill Genie laundry products help to keep linens in service longer – alkali, softeners, sours, pre-spotters, and reclaims.
Featuring the revolutionary, sophisticated yet simple — ORION Laundry Systems.

Alkaline, Solvent & Conditioner

Spill Genie Alkaline Solvent Conditioner

Concentrated laundry break contains soil dispersants, suspending agents, alkaline builders and water conditioners. Ideal for use where heavy grease based soils occur.

This laundry solution can be used in all water conditions.

pack size(s)
5 GAL (18.9 L) 15 GAL (56.8 L) 55 GAL (208 L)

Conditioner Se LAUNDRY

This laundry solution can enhance laundry detergent performance in hard water environments.

Water conditioner may be metered directly into laundry water supply.

pack size(s)
5 GAL (18.9 L) 

Spill Genie Linen Boost

This laundry solution provides a boost of power to remove extra heavy oily and greasy soils. Works best as a laundry prewash or use as a laundry detergent additive on medication, food, oil and adhesive soils.

pack size(s)
5 GAL (18.9 L)