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Spill Genie 3T Bioremediation Products

Why Choose Spill Genie3T?

We believe the future of eco-friendly strategies of processed hydrocarbon clean up, for ground and on or near vital water resources, will be the combination of plant based cleaning components, application technologies, and proprietary natural oil-eating organisms. This process is referred to as biological augmentation. Enhanced microbial metabolic activities in the presence of optimal ecological factors and necessary nutrients will accelerate the transformation of processed hydrocarbons into less complicated substances. The resulting substances are then integrated into the natural biogeochemical cycles. These techniques have several key advantages over traditional technologies, including the fact that they are simple to implement, environmentally friendly, applicable over large areas, cost-effective and can lead to efficient remediation of different contaminates.

Industrial Applications

Spill Genie’s™ 3T advanced bioremediation technology is designed to provide a faster, cleaner method for cleaning up petroleum products that may have contaminated the land or oceans.

Global Application

The biodegradation of a wide range of hydrocarbons, including petrogenic and organic compounds has been shown to occur at a more progressive rate after the application of Spill Genie™ 3T products.

Spill Genie™ 3T also works synergistically with natural communities for long term remediation and assimilates naturally when TPH levels bottom out.

Spill Genie 3T Bioremediation Products


Spill Genie™ 3T has teamed with an industry leader in the development of scientifically engineered microbial and plant based enzymatic based technologies. These technologies address various aspects of hydrocarbon contamination on land or water.


Where can Spill Genie™ 3T be used?
It is designed to be used on hydrocarbon contamination on-site or off-site according to labeled instructions and safety notifications.  

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The emerging science and technology of bioremediation offer an alternative method to detoxify contaminants. Bioremediation has been used as an effective means of mitigating organic and inorganic contamination.

Spill Genie wants to invite you to be part of the bigger picture to develop cost-reducing strategies addressing petrogenic contamination and spills. 

Using Spill Genie’s 3T advanced bioremediation technology can have a surprising and transformative impact on your organization, employees, and customers. More people are becoming aware of the positive effects to the environment by Eco-friendly products. It’s important that global organizations support natural working solutions.

Spill Genie’s 3T bioremediation technology is optimized for a wide range of consumers, big and small, to get engaged and excited about contributing a positive impact on our communities and planet.

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Spill Genie 3T in situ

Spill Genie™ 3T, according to the label, it can be applied directly to contaminated soil or water.

The most effective method of in-situ bioremediation is by using aerobic procedures.

This process increases the speed of productivity of the micro-organisms by distributing them throughout contaminated soil.

Spill Genie  3T ex situ

Slurry bioremediation is a process where the contaminated soil is mixed with water and other reagents.
It is mixed to keep the micro-organisms in contact with the toxins present in the soil.

This particular process is comparatively fast compared to other bioremediation techniques.

Spill Genie 3T Decontamination

Decontamination requires personnel, clothing, equipment, and samples leaving the contaminated area of a site that must be decontaminated to remove any harmful hydrocarbons.

Spill Genie™ 3T is an effective time saving and cost-effective decontamination agent used on protective gear, clothing, and equipment.

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