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Spill Genie's New Technology for Underground Tanks

Bioremediation could also play an essential part in the cleanup of oil spills from chronic leaking underground storage tanks. As States become increasingly aware of the contamination caused by older storage tanks to soil and groundwater, they are requiring environmental assessments of areas containing these tanks.

Across America, tank removal and excavation companies are gaining business as State regulations governing underground storage tanks become stricter. This is especially true of older gasoline stations undergoing renovations or sale. The tanks and soils surrounding these tanks are tested for leaching contaminants. If any evidence is found of leakage, the containers must be excavated and removed. The contaminated soil is then trucked to a landfill. New soil is transported in, and new tanks replace the old ones. The major problem with tank removals is the process of transporting contaminated soil to the landfill, which has the potential of contaminating groundwater if it should leach from the landfill.

Treating the soil on-site with bioremediation is more cost effective. Bioremediation is an important method of land and water reclamation.

Sites previously thought to be unpurifiable have the potential for reuse once they are treated with microbes. Bioremediation is shown to be an effective method of decontamination that mitigates toxic residues. Microbes used in this process die off as the pollutant is degraded and return to their normal population size. Once the treatment of the site is complete, continuous monitoring is necessary to ensure that all traces of the contaminant have been eradicated.

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