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Spill Genie's

Waste Management Technology

America produces nearly 230 million tons of garbage a year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), within eight years, more than one-half of all of America's landfills will reach their capacity.

Since 1982, more than 2,700 plus landfills have been closed, with 700 of those landfills having reached full capacity. The other 2,000 were closed for environmental issues, states a Newsday survey. 

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the cleanup of 1,200 superfund sites (areas of extreme contamination) throughout the United States would cost an estimated $24 billion, using technologies currently available.

These technologies include incineration of contaminated soil, which can run up to $1,000 per ton. By contrast, the process of bioremediation typically costs less than $100 per ton and offers the significant advantage of restoring land and water thought to be unusable due to being polluted.

Spill Genie's™ 3T microbes will ingest and destroy many of the contaminants without leaving any toxic residue behind, unlike other waste processing technologies. Spill Genie's™ 3T new microbial treatment of contaminated soil may remove the burdens of incineration and landfill. Bioremediation itself has already been shown to significantly reduce the amount of pollution caused by large oil tanker spills such as the Exxon Valdez disaster.

Spill Genie's™ 3T new bioremediation technology can be applied in such cases to reduce the cleanup time of oil spills and the negative impacts on plant and animal life caused by the detergents used in traditional cleaning methods.

Spill Genie's™3T new bioremediation product may be able to solve not only the problems of land reclamation but also the crisis of solid waste management. Researcher William Rathje, of the University of Arizona in Tucson, has found that biodegradation does not significantly occur at present in landfills.

Applying Spill Genie's™ 3T new bioremediation product in-situ also has the benefit of reducing waste without introducing another source of pollution such as ash and other toxic residues into the environment.

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